Thursday, August 20, 2009

It has begun!

Around my birthday, I just need fall. In order to speed it along, I start canning. This year our farm ( offered a preserving share. 10 bushels of organic local goodness! I enlisted two friends and we are off and running. Our first adventure this year was beans! Can you believe how beautiful they are! Wax & Green combined (we did plain & Spicy Dilly beans!)

We just returned from summer vacation which means I am sewing again. All those baby blankets are finished and shipped (no photos, sorry), whew.

My second wedding anniversary was July 27th! The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is 'Cloth'! How could I pass that up, even if we had said no gifts. Just a teeny tiny sewing project for Cary. A laptop sleeve, hoping to protect his computer from flopping around in his bag.

Needing inspiration to sew and having a thank you card to write. I combined the two tasks and made a fabric postcard for my Aunt thanking her for sending me some beautiful napkin rings that were my grandmothers. I loved that her 'packing material' was fabric scraps, so I used the some of them in the postcard.