Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waiting, knitting, waiting

We are waiting for this little baby, (six days late, but who's counting!) so I'm knitting. Great for nervous energy and the long hours if the night when I can't sleep. Keeps me more zen and from calling the baby bad names...

First off the needles a vest for Keenan from Joelle's book 'More last minute knitted gifts'. Made with Spud and Chloe washable wool blend yarn. I have another hank to make the baby a matching sweater, that's next up. Cute!

Still deciding if I want to monogram it or add a design to the front of some sort, any ideas?

How cute is this bunting! 'Buga baby bunting' pattern be Spud and Chloe in Malabrigo chunky emerald. (sorry it's upside down, can't figure out how to flip it on my phone or I-pad)

I can't get over the little ears, now if we only had a baby to fill it! Maybe the storm coming in tonight...

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