Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend Sewing

On my challenge blog Stephanie challenged me to make a unique piece of jewlery. I used the fabric cuff pattern from 'Seams to me' by Anna Marie Horner. This was really fun! I made a ruffle version first, then decided I would like it better with out the ruffle, so I made another. Her instructions for the button loops are great. I had never made them this way. They work and look great. I will be using that skill again.

I bought this Oilily shirt on Ebay. The sleeves and shirt were a smidge to short. After two years of wearing it as is I decided to remodel it a bit. I removed the sleeves and used my serger to change the hem to a rolled hem.

Coming up, baby stuff. I have eight friends who are pregnant. Lots of baby sewing/designing going on. Also keep an eye out for Sew Mama Sew's June E-newsletter. I'm writing an article on how to choose a sewing machine.

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