Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pedrioli Baby Quilt

I'm NOT a quilter, although you might think otherwise when reading this blog. Lots of quilts lately. For some reason I always end up making quilts for my girlfriend Cindy (who is a quilter), so here is a baby quilt for her little one that is due in August. I used minky on the back which I love the feel of, but hate sewing on. I used this backing for the binding also, I do not recommend this method with minky. It is so slippery you can't really keep it in place no matter how much pinning is used. So the binding is a little wonky, hopefully the baby won't mind :)


  1. I found your blog through the link on SewMamaSew - awesome article, BTW. I just posted a review of my Viking Emerald 116 on my blog ( so I've been a little sewing machine obsessed lately.

    But can I just say....Cutness! I love the way the fishies in this quilt look like that a word? I think so. =) Very well executed quilt for someone who claims not to be a quilter!

    <3 erin

  2. I'm sure Baby P won't mind. If the little one is anything like Andy, that will be the bestest part of the whole thing.