Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Bloggity blog blog!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of starting my crafty blog. Can you believe it. When I started out a year ago my goals/intentions for the blog were to inspire me to create more and help me break through some creative blocks. It has definitely accomplished both of those things.

So what about this next year. Funny, but I'm looking for exactly the same things. I want to create more and break through some creative blocks I'm running into. My goals are to take on fabric & yarn dyeing, learn to transform my alpaca fleeces into yarn and create some of my own pattern designs. Just typing that makes my stomach nervous and my brain rush to ideas.

Thanks for your support, cheers to another year!

oh, and a quick update on my sweater. The main body is off the needles and ready for sleeves. The only draw back is I don't have enough yarn for both sleeves, hmmmmm the possibilities for solving this, stay tuned!

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