Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memory Game

Memory: The family version

For my nephews birthday (I'm ashamed to admit it was months ago and this package is just leaving our house) I made a custom memory game with photos of all of our family with him.

This project is simple and you could even make a no-sewing version.

Print two copies of each photo on printable fabric (available at craft and fabric stores). I made mine 4" x 4". Iron the photos onto 4" squares of double sided fusible pellon (also available by the yard at your local craft or fabric store). Iron a 4" square of fabric on the other side, make sure you choose a plain fabric or overall print. Pink the edges, using pinking shears or a fancy blade on your rotary cutter. I then zigzagged around the edges, but you could skip this step if you don't sew.

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