Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had a moment of weakness at Williams and Sonoma (who doesn't now and then) and came home with this amazing popsicle maker! It makes popsicles in 9 minutes, any flavor you can imagine up. This morning we had breakfast smoothie popsicles. Today after work I have limeade with real grape slices waiting to cool us off. I'm thinking that Sir Emmit the Dog might need some beef broth popsicles, help! I can't stop myself. Could you have dinner in popsicle form? Maybe gazpacho? Let me know if you have any amazing flavors to share or just want to come over to have one!

On a side note, sewing has resumed at our house. Thanks to a visit from my mother-in-law who ironed all the yardage for Keenan's 'big boy bed' quilt. God bless her, that is my least favor part and stalls me out every time. Hopefully this pregnant body is up for some creative time! I'll post pics soon, looking to be super cute and oh so 'big boyish'!

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