Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday

Who has time for 'black Friday' when there is sooooooo much crafting to do (and don't get me started on the social and economic impacts).

So we crafted and crafted and crafted all weekend. Food, friends, football in the background (something about the sound of football makes me want to craft).

Here are the results:

Purses for the tweens on my list. I just love both lining fabrics, it's like a special little surprise every time you open your purse (not sure why the photos keep loading sideways, sorry). The pattern is from the blog 'Made by Rae' It's a free download and super easy!

Uncle Cary and Auntie Julie dolls ala Angry Chicken 'Bend the Rules sewing'. Hilarious, I can't even stand how funny these are. Keenan is hugging the 'mommy' doll, or pretending it's a phone, I'm going with hugging because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

Hand knit dish cloth for my dad. Not my favorite knitting project, borrrrrring, but the result is lovely. I would want to do dishes if I had a few of these.

Sneaking in the Christmas list, a bridal shower gift for a winter wedding. LOVE that Lisa & Bill will actually wear these.

And finally a plain, plain hat for my man. What's fabulous is the yarn, it's a local. Local Alpaca! They include these amazing photos of the alpaca that they got the yarn from with it's name. How cute it that! I'm wrapping those photos in with the gift

Almost finished, just a few more projects to finish up! Hope you made the most of your Thanksgiving weekend!

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