Thursday, November 5, 2009

slowly, slowly

I think my finger is now flipping me off! It's still healing, who knew you used your middle finger so much? Hence, I have been gathering material for the ridiculous amounts of Christmas crafting I have in mind, instead of crafting.

I'm attempting a bit of knitting, seems to be ok for about 10 min. at a time. Do you LOVE that giant ball of yarn, this is for a gift so I can't tell you details yet.

Glue sticks, I can handle glue sticks. A few photo cards were made for Cary to send his Real Estate clients. Beautiful shot he took of the fall colors. Mmmmm, I can smell fall just looking at the photo. Don't you just love that smell.

A fabulous thrift store find, can't you just see a sun dress from this! Much better then it's current life as a curtain. Don't worry, I'll rescue you fabric!

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