Saturday, December 26, 2009

Crafty mom

Look at this super easy (toddler friendly) Christmas tree decoration. Make them now and have them tucked away for next year.

-1 yard each color of star used (5 colors will make enough for one tree)
-1 yard batting each color used
-star stencils (cookie cutters work great).
-matching thread

Draw stars on 1/2 yard of felt with erasable fabric pen, spaced atleast 2" apart.

Layer the materials. Felt, batting, felt with stars drawn.

Sew with a small stitch width along the star outlines through all layers.

Cut out the stars from the felt. Being careful to not cut the batting.

Pull batting apart in between the stars.

Hang on tree. The batting sticks to the needles so no hangers are needed.

Thanks for the tutorial mom!

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