Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I was gifted this amazing alpaca fleece! I can't even stand how soft it is and how amazing the colors are. Now, I don't know anything about carding, drafting, spinning, etc. to go from fleece to yarn. I only know those words from watching a few You Tube videos. I can't wait to figure it all out! (FYI: I'm looking for some cotton hand carders to borrow or buy used if you know of any laying around)

This book was part of my Christmas present from my husband (sometimes he does listen :) ). Can't wait to dive in. Read it once already, have shopping list on iphone, projects multiplying in head.

Here is where the patience comes in. I have a long laundry list of started projects to finish. Started loosely defined here. So, the goal is to spend January finishing these projects so I can start these new fabulous ones without old projects hanging over my head.

Here is the list ( I need to write it down now, because the longer I think about it, the longer it gets!)

- A 'silky' for my friend's son (cut out, seem to be missing a piece, must dig deeper)
- 'Little Bo Peep' skirt for me from 'Seams to Me' (have fabric)
- Knit socks (one sock on needles 1/3 finished)
- Double knit hat for mom (see previous post for this sad tale)
- Knit Sweater (the one new project as it is a 'how to knit a sweater class' I received for Christmas and starts next week!)
- Hot Pads (just the idea, mine are gross and not cute, must change that)
- Crazy quilt (half way pieced, started when I didn't have any on going projects and wanted to use up scraps- when does that ever happen - guess it did)
- Pajamas for me (have fabric, no pattern)
- Mending basket (will it ever be empty?)

There you have it, in print and on the internet, that's a good start I hope! Here's to clearing out the old as we approach the new year!

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