Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sewing time?

I'm swamped at work, our house is a wreck and I have lots of gardening to do... all I really want to do is sew.

For Keenan:
Finish designing his new "big boy bed" quilt and start sewing it! Using this fabric from Ikea.
Refashion a few of his long sleeve pj's into short sleeve and short combos
Make a few knit short with matching tees, maybe with a applique design like this by designerjot.

For Me:
A case for my new ipad! Stylish fabric, with the ability to hook to the head rest in the car so Keenan can watch movies on it during long trips.

For my Sister:
Her overdue, only getting more overdue, birthday present that is sitting on my sewing table and involves fabric made from old rice sacks like this. We had matching dresses out of this fabric, which we made when we were younger. Horrible family photo, which you will not see, to verify it!

And a bunch of other stuff, but this would be a good start. Maybe I can make myself a deal, clean one room in the house and you earn an hour of sewing time. Maybe?

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