Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There has been sewing, actually a lot of sewing. Just not much documentation as this belly gets bigger my energy seems to run out quickly. I have two weeks until my sewing table and machine need to go into storage to make way for the birthing tub and then crib. Hence, lots of sewing.

So, in the next two weeks you should see (cross my fingers that I can pull it off):
Keenan's finished big boy quilt
Prayer flags for a friend
The baby's new christmas stocking
Silky bunnies for Keenan to give the baby
possibly baby clothes
baby knitting projects
completed costumes for Keenan's christmas costume trunk
cloth wipes
burp clothes

Here are a few things that are finished and happened to get photographed!

When the baby arrives, Keenan is getting a doll, we decided it needed a sling to match mommies.

Lots of babies have been arriving in our circle of friends, a few quick blankets to welcome them.

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