Monday, November 22, 2010

K's Bedspread

I finally finished Keenan's big boy bedspread! It was fun to design and fun to make the applique animals, then I got bored and had a hard time finishing the quilting and piecing. Hence the length of time these things take me.
I used the white animal print fabric from Ikea as the inspiration as we already had matching artwork and stuffed animals for this print from his nursery. I found the duck print and picked up all the solid cotton for the appliques from Fancy Tiger.
I used wool batting for the first time. What a great product, all natural and warm. A 40% coupon at Hanncock Fabrics helped with that.
Mom's happy it's finished and Keenan loves the animals and little fish swimming around his bed. Now if we can just keep the dog off of it...

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