Wednesday, September 2, 2009

15 min.

Feeling pressed for time and not much inspiration, I have been trying to encourage myself to spend 15 min. sewing. I always end up inspired and spending much more than 15 min.

This week my 15 min of mending turned into a new wardrobe. I found jeans and khaki pants I didn't even remember I had. Along with a pair of Pajama bottoms, a gray skirt and black sweater. (You can see how often I do mending) I also finished to baby items, now to small for Keenan but ready to be packed away for #2 one day.

I also took photos of my jeans! This was a project from my challenge blog. I have not had much luck with pants in the past, so I spent the time measuring and adjusting the pattern before I started. Here they are, I've been wearing them like crazy with loads of compliments!

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