Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn - Warming Families

Oh, happiness a weekend in Breckenridge with near perfect weather. Mountain biking, fall colors and knitting. Can you believe it, after my leg warmer knitting problems. I used the forum on, solved the ribbing bind off problem and started a hat, my first.

Myself and two friends are knitting hats for One Heart Foundations "Warming Families", which knits clothes for the homeless. I thought this was a perfect first hat project, they even provide a pattern.

See this blog for details and the pattern, if you want to join the fun.

A new ball of yard from Fancy Tiger a quiet weekend at the cabin and WooHoo a hat! My model was a little reluctant today!

My favorite part are the stripes. One to represent you and one to represent the recipient, so they know they are never alone.

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