Monday, October 19, 2009

Embracing Mistakes

Have you ever figured out you made a mistake, waaaaay too far into a project to fix it. That happened this weekend, so I decided to embrace it! I'm choosing to see my mistake as just a personal handmade touch, adding my own unique flair to the project if you will. Maybe you will see it maybe you won't...

This project is fairly easy.

1. Cut your orange, yellow and white fabric into strips (mine were 3.5", 4", 4.5").
2. Sew strips together with 1/4" seam allowance
3. Cut into triangles. Because I was making mine reversible with the candy corn fabric (Hancock fabric), I cut my triangle 6" at the large end and 1/2" at the pointy end (sewing the two triangles with a 1/4" seam makes a perfect triangle point).
4. Sew two triangles right sides together on the two angled side edges. I used a 1/4" seam allowance making a perfect point when turned.
5. Turn and press.
6. Insert 'flags' into black binding tape, spaced however you like and zig zag closed. I leave 2' at the beginning and end of the bias tape to use when hanging.

I used 1/4 yard of each solid color, 1/2 yard the candy corn print and 6' of bias tape. This made 12 flags.

This same process in different colors makes a great re-usable decoration for parties of all kinds!

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