Monday, October 5, 2009


I struggle with the grape harvest every year. Our grape vine grows on a fence next to our back yard entrance, which I use multiple times a day,the smell has been HEAVENLY the last two weeks. I just did not want it to end. Then I noticed the squirrels were going to harvest all my grapes for me. This year it seemed like everyone was loving the grapes...

Then I moved on to Yogurt (as promised). I used the crock pot method for incubation and besides needing to stir milk for 10 min. to keep it from scalding, while a one and a half year old really really wanted to help, it was very easy.

I was not impressed with my end result. It was very runny and mild, not tart at all. I'm thinking I need to let it incubate longer and maybe add the powdered milk as suggested in other blogs to thicken it. Overall, I'm not sure it is worth it for me. When I can buy great live cultural yogurt in jars locally.

Homemade grape juice on the other hand is always worth it! Two more weeks of canning and were finished!!! Then on to Christmas crafting.

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