Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I missed the start of the Sauerkraut class as I was um, delayed at the health clinic. My finger and the car door had a bit of a fight. Obviously the car door won. Luckily my parents, in town to teach the Sauerkraut class, were troopers and went on without me.

I was able to film and get photos of most of the fun. I'm hoping sometime before the end of the year to get a video edited.

Chopping up the cabbage, I love the community effort and working outside!

Shredding, weighing and salting in the kitchen

Stomping, nice to have lots of helpers for this, although they don't seem to be working much in this photo.

Who knew so many friends would want to have a five gallon bucket of cabbage fermenting in their basement! I'll keep you up to date on our fermenting as we go along. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have a tasty macrobiotic treat!

Not much crafting or anything else for a few days, as I let my finger heal. I'm hoping by the weekend, cross your fingers for me!

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