Monday, March 9, 2009

Can you believe how fabulous this fabric is? It was on sale at Fancy Tiger and I had to buy some. It's flannel! I only bought a yard, because I couldn't think what to use it for other than a receiving blanket at the time. Now that I have had some time with it I can think of all sorts of things. I'm going to head back tomorrow to buy a few more yards. I will also get more info, who makes it, designer, etc. for the blog.

And, here they are the completed lizard pajamas. Keenan was kind enough to model for me, although it is a bit tricky to snap a photo as he wants to crawl over and grab the camera. I'm not a huge fan of the pattern I used for the top, Burda 9617. It has snap closures on both sides of the neck, but in a stretch fabric, I don't think any snap closures would be needed. I did make the pants from this pattern on another occasion and they are fantastic, like baby 'hammer time' pants, tons of fullness and fun. I will grab a photo next time Keenan is wearing them. The lizard pant pattern Simplicity 9853 worked great. It is a one piece pant pattern which once you get the hang of it is super easy. With this pattern I was able to accomplish my initial intention of modifying a pattern to fit Keenan. Now what fabric to use for the next round, rough tough park pants?

Today I sent out a last minute invitation to all the creative women I know to invite them to a Swap-O-Rama-Rama this weekend. I believe the original brainchild behind this is Wendy Trymayne you can find her info at Basically you all bring unwanted clothing which you then up-cycle into new garments by de-constructing and reconstructing them. What I love about the idea is that it's not about being perfect, more about being creative and sharing with each other. I'm hoping it will help me break out of my sewing barriers. Hopefully enough people will be available to give it a go. I'm sure the results and photos will be great!

My other project this weekend was to start another blog in collaboration with one of my best friends Stephanie. We both have the intention of being more creative in our daily lives and decided to support each other on this with a joint blog in which we will trade off coming up with a creative challenge to do each week. My task was to come up with the first challenge, Steph's task was to create the blog. Feel free to follow the fun.

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  1. I love the lizard on the back. My daughter loves animals on her clothes, I wonder how she would like to sit on one. :) I once saw a cute patch on the back pocket of some pants that said "Dear Thief, I have no money." Always wanted to make something like that, maybe that would be funny on a purse too?