Friday, March 6, 2009

Cover up

One of my biggest pet peeves with little boys clothing is that it becomes age inappropriate very early on. After 12 months it seems that you can't find anything without sports, television show characters or monster trucks on it. As my son at 13 months is wearing 24 month tops, we are often given gifts that fit into this category. Recently we were given an orange sweatshirt, my favorite color, with a monster truck embroidered on it. Keenan started wearing it and every time I thought "oh, I just hate that monster truck". Finally last week I thought, I can do something about that and in 15 min. I was able to nicely cover up that monster truck.


Even in this simple change, I was thinking, do you think it's going to look homemade now. I love homemade, why won't I want it to look homemade? Maybe it goes back to my middle school days and being embarrassed by my homemade esprit bag. Hopefully I can instill earlier a love and appreciation of handcrafted items in my son.

This weekend I will be seeing one of my pregnant friends. I typically make receiving blankets for friends but recently have become bored with them, even with the addition of pom pom fringe. I needed something new. Looking around our nursery my eyes fell upon a stuffed frog with a rice heating pack in his belly. We use this all the time. When Keenan is sick we use it to keep him warm and also for easing gas pains. So I made a animal shaped baby rice heating pack. A quick gift using old flannel scraps. It is about 6" in diameter and filled with un-cooked rice. Next time I will add essential oils or herbs for a little scent after warming.

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