Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My son walked for the first time today. Completely in tune with his personality of being strong and confident. He got his balance took a step or two, then you saw the shift in his mind set and he up and walked across the room, amazing!

I feel like I have had a similar shift in mindset and made amazing strides in the last 24 hours creatively. Last night I dropped into a craft night at my local alternative craft store, Fancy Tiger. I have thought about going millions of times and finally did. I was only there for about fifteen minutes as I had to get home to nurse but in the fifteen minutes I was able to have someone mark the sleeves on my jacket remodel and buy more yarn to finish the dryer balls. I also stopped next door at the good will thrift store and found an amazing table cloth, to use for fabric. This is something I have also always wanted to to do, buy linens from a thrift store for fabric. With a $2.99 price tag, this was a great find. My total bill was around five dollars when I added in two pair of pants for my son, perfect!

Thrift Store Fabric

I hurried home to find my son asleep and my evening open for sewing. I finished the dryer balls and put them in with a load of laundry to felt. Next task a shirt to complete my sons pajama set. One thing I find kills my sewing motivation is the task of unfolding a pattern, hunting down the pieces and doing the crazy origami it is to re-fold a pattern. I was stopped dead in my tracks just staring at the pattern envelope. Another deep breath and a thought about the blog and I talked myself into it. An hour later I was sewing on the snaps the final step. Lizard pajamas ready to go.

Today I was home mid-day waiting for a service appointment, he called and was running late. I took advantage of the time and added straps to my sons sun hat, another project lurking around my sewing room since the fall. It maybe took fifteen minutes. Why do I let things like that sit around. I'm feeling really good about the momentum I have started. Just need some inspiration on the jacket. I guess I will start with the sleeves, now that I have them marked.

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