Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is my blog. Why? A place of inspiration for me. To share the things that I love and make me happy.

I'm hoping it will inspire me to create more. To live the life I dream of living.

I have sewn all of my live, one of my earliest memories is playing with thread cones under my mothers legs while she sewed. She is a sewing goddess, she sews for a living, a sewing teacher. I did competitive sewing, Make it Yourself with Wool, as a child. I was a tailor for a department store during high school and college. All of this adds up to being a great seamstress.

The problem: I'm to confined, to perfect, everything has to be done the right way.

The goal: to break through this mental block, get dirty creatively, have failures along with triumphs and love every part of it.

This problem does not just reside with sewing, I am creative for a living a landscape architect. It holds me back at work, at play and in my interactions with the world. I'm going to change that.

Current Projects:

My son turned one in January he is a string bean, tall and skinny. Clothes don't fit his body well, so I am working on altering a pattern to fit his unique body. My first attempt is a pair of pajamas out of fabric covered in 'leaping lizards'.

Already I am feeling critical about this project and posting this photo. Deep breath, this project is fun and full of love. Who wouldn't want a lizard on there butt at night.

Next Project: one for me. Recycling a wool jacket originally constructed by my sister for 'Make it Yourself with Wool'. I think at the time this was a winner. Now a bit outdated, but I love the gathered back. I'm thinking I will shorten the sleeves and jazz it up a bit. Maybe some funky lining or a cool embroidery design, ala Oilily. Any thoughts or ideas out there?

Final current project, and by current I mean the ones that I am actively working on. If I listed all the projects in the works, well that would be ridiculous. If you sew, you know what I mean.

Dryer Balls! My husband calls me a hippie because I am an all natural, tree hugging, granola eating, home canning, CSA loving momma. So my current green project is dryer balls. Basically balls of wool yarn, felted and used to fluff stuff in the dryer in place of dryer sheets. I read a blog on how to make them after seeing them offered on Etsy (I heart Etsy!)

I have made wool felted balls before for my son to play with. I used instructions from a waldorf craft book for those. This was a terrible, time consuming, hand felting process. The instructions I'm using this go around seem much more user friendly. Make the yarn balls, about the half the final size of 6"diameter, put balls in nylon sock and tie off. Throw it in the washer and dryer with your clothes. This will partially felt the ball. Next finish making the ball to just larger than the desired finished size. Back into the nylon sock and wash/dry again until desired felting is achieved. Wala! Mine are halfway done. I ran out of yarn. That is today's outing.

And there it is my first post. Kinda fun!

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